The Fire Element

From a spiritual perspective the fire element represents our passion, renewal, creativity, compulsion and motivation. Fire has great power for foraging will and determination. It is our inner light and symbol of the Divine, that burns in our soul. It is a source of energy that requires moderation and control…or you will get burned. The fire element requires boundaries, so you can tend to it and notice when the coals dim. We all have felt the flames burn in us, be it the soft spoken word, or a gut feeling. We have all, at some point experienced the combustive feeling and magic inside us, protecting us from things that do not serve us or a deeper knowing of what is in alignment for us. Eastern philosophies see fire as forceful and primal. We are of the sun and stars, we are of the fire. It is no coincidence that the Master number 11 represents illumination and insight and corresponds to the element of fire. The number 11 can create wonders or great destruction. It is also the number of spiritual truth and psychic vision. Seeing the destruction and renewal of community in Malibu, is a reminder of how fragile and delicate our environment is and how we can be of service to others and ourselves. Over the years SPIRITUAL KINDLING has set the intention of taking up the fallen and discarded wood and wild brush from fire prone areas and transforming it into a vessel of love and gratitude to be shared with family and friends. Giving the most natural element of fire, connection, family and community.

Mei ling Lee