The element of fire provides a fast and visible means of releasing and healing strong feelings and experiences ...

Fire provides a direct energetic intervention that allows us to turn over our prayers and dreams of manifestation to the Spirit for fulfillment and release.

Fire can move the soul and has a great spiritual power, our ancestors knew this and  harnessed it for their most sacred ceremonies. This power is still available to us.

Safety is paramount! Choosing the right location is critical, as a single spark or an abandoned fire can cause the most destructive damage, consuming forests homes and even lives.

Be prepared to fully extinguish the fire with sand or water. Three words to remember …

Safety, safety, safety !


Items You Will Need ...

A safe place to build a fire
(indoor or outdoor fire pit, never a gas burning fire place for obvious reasons)
• Lavender Essential Oil
(or any other oil of your choice)
• Kindling to start the fire
• Something to burn to release the past
(ex. Twigs, pinecones, pictures, drawings or intention cards)
• A new prayer request
(ex. Written words on paper, twigs, pictures, drawings or something from nature that will burn easily)

Three Step Ceremony

step 1

Begin the ceremony by calling on support from Divine sources such as the four directions, North, South, East andWest and the Earth and Sky if that is your preference. You can also say a prayer or create a sense of safety or    connection with your higher energies.

Ask for protection, so that you can feel comfortable being vulnerable and able to release freely.

Set an Intention for the ceremony … what are you trying to let go of? What occupies your energy? What is it you want to shed? And what changes do you want to invite in?

step 2

Build a small fire with kindling, the fire is symbolic and size is not important. Once the fire is going anoint the fire with the oil, this will make the fire flare up … thank the energies surrounding you and wait until the fire subsides a little.

Now take up your twig or whatever you have chosen to represent what you want to let go of and blow onto it … by blowing onto the object you are sending energy away from you and onto the object.

Tell the Universe what you are releasing, visualize the image of that release, and blow again. Blow and speak until you feel whole and complete. Place the object in the fire and let it burn completely.

step 3

Anoint the fire again and cleanse the space with a healing herb, preferably Sage, which negates any lingering energy. Let the flames simmer down and open the space for your manifestation. Hold and blow onto your chosen object, tell the Universe what your request of the new is, visualize the image, and blow again.

Be sure to make sure that your requests are aligned with good energetic flow…Blow and speak until you feel whole and complete. Place the object in the fire and let it burn completely allowing it to be released into the ethers and replacing the past.

Draw the smoke into you as your object burns as though you are bathing yourself, draw it towards your heart, your mouth, and finally your crown.


It is very important to stay with the fire until it burns out naturally.

In Love & Light